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Clean your contact lenses

Working population of today's times have the buying capacity in their hands. They prefer looking good and like to be admired by others. Simplicity itself is no more simple and emerging trends in the fashion world have proved the same. Mixing and matching the eye color with the clothes worn or increasing the face value by changing the tone of eyes in accordance to skin are the latest style statements. Women today are no more afraid to try different shades of eyes like Grey, Blue, Green, Orange and many others. For them different eye colors reflect boldness and carefree attitude that could be easily flaunted.

The most important and probably the most tedious work is that of cleaning the contact lenses. Thanks to manufacturers today cleaning them have become easier with the help of new cleaning solutions flooding the market. But this in any circumstance does not refer to you being careless towards handling of your lenses. Eye is a sensitive region and thus it becomes mandatory to be careful about anything and everything that is associated with them. For women who wear eye makeup the task of cleaning and protecting the lenses becomes even more daunting.

Top Tourist Attractions in New York

If you are planning to go on a vacation in the United States, you should make a point to visit New York City. Also known as the Big Apple, New York City is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country, attracting more than 45 million visitors every year. It is home to many world-famous attractions, as well as some of the finest hotels, restaurants, and shopping places in the world. You can rest assured that you will never run out of things to do in this fabulous city. Here is ast of the top tourist attractions in New York City. Statue of Liberty/strong Almost everybody who visits New York City will pay a visit to the Statue of Liberty. This magnificent statue is perhaps the most recognizable landmark in the United States, and it stands as a symbol of American freedom. During the mass immigration era, it was the first American landmark that was seen by immigrants who survived the hardships of the journey across the Atlantic. The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, off the coast of Manhattan, and it stands at a height of 151 feet, or 305 feet if it is measured with the pedestal. You can climb up a staircase inside the statue to reach the crown and take in a stunning view of New York City. If you want go to visit the Statue of Liberty, you have to take a ferry from Battery Park. strongCentral Park/strong Covering an area of 843 acres, Central Park is one of the largest urban parks in the world. It is situated in the heart of Manhattan, and it is a favorite recreational destination among residents and tourists in New York City. This wonderful park features several lakes, fountains, playgrounds, ice rinks, baseball fields, tennis courts, and other amenities. It is also home to well-known attractions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Central Park Zoo. strongEmpire State Building/strong The Empire State Building is probably the most famous skyscraper in New York City, and it has been featured in many popular films and postcards. When this amazing building was completed in the 1930s, it was called the 8th Wonder of the World. Although it no longer holds the title as the tallest building in the world, it still attracts about two million visitors every year. The building reaches to a height of 1,250 feet, and it occupies an entire block in the southern part of Midtown. You can take an elevator up to the 86th floor, where there is an observatory that offers a fantastic view of the city. strongTimes Square/strong Times Square is another attraction that you must visit when you are in New York City. This world-famous square is the most bustling square in the city, and it is known for its captivating billboard signs. It is one of the places that best reflect the Big Apple's reputation as “the city that never sleeps”. Covering the area between 6th and 9th Avenue and 40th and 53rd Street, Times Square provides excellent shopping and dining opportunities, as well as an extensive variety of entertainment. It is also the place where you will find the Broadway Theater district. strongMetropolitan Museum of Art Whether you are an art enthusiast or not, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a place that you should visit when you are in New York City. With more than two million artworks, this museum is one of the largest art museums in the world. Its collection represents thousands of years of art history, and it consists of artworks from many places around the world, including North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. You will find numerous paintings, drawings, and sculptures by famous artists in the museum, as well as crafts, decorative items, photographs, prints, arms and armor, musical instruments, and others. p left; Ellis Island/strong Ellis Island is another attraction in Manhattan that draws millions of visitors every year. This island served as the gateway to America during the mass immigration era, and it received over 12 million immigrants while it was operating as an immigration station between the years 1892 and 1954. It is believed that more than 50% of Americans are descendants of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, and therefore, many of them have visited the island to trace their ancestral roots. In the main building of the Ellis Island museum, you will find artifacts, prints, photographs, interactive displays, videos, oral histories, and other exhibits that provide a comprehensive insight into the immigration experience on the island. You can get to Ellis Island by taking a ferry from Battery Park or Liberty State Park. strongAmerican Museum of Natural History/strong The American Museum of Natural History ranks among the largest and finest museums in the world, and it welcomes about four million visitors every year. Situated in Manhattan's Upper West Side, it consists of 46 permanent exhibition halls, a number of research laboratories, and a largebrary. The permanent collections of the museum comprise of more than 30 million specimens, ranging from dinosaur skeletons to meteorites. While you are touring the museum, you can learn about human origins, mammals, amphibians, birds, oceanfe, fossils, mineralogy, earth and space, and many other things that are related to nature and science. strongFifth Avenue If shopping is one of your favorite activities, you must not miss the opportunity to shop on Fifth Avenue when you are in New York City. This avenue is perhaps the most famous shopping street in the world, and it offers upscale retail stores, major department stores, jewelry stores, toy stores, gift stores, and others. Some of the famous brands that you can find on Fifth Avenue include Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Gucci, Bergdorf-Goodman, Emanuel Ungaro, Ferragamo, Brooks Brothers, Harry Winston, Cartier, Bulgari, Van Cleef, Tiffany and Company, Fortunoff, and Arpels. If you feel tired after your shopping spree, you can relax in some of the excellent cafes, restaurants, and spas that can be found along the class=clearp

Tourist Spots in Baguio City

Known as one of the industrialized cities in the Northern part of the Philippines, Baguio is hailed as the summer capital of the Philippines. Many people visit this city every summer because of its cold weather and attractive tourist spots. Based on the history of the city, it is the Americans, which recognized Baguio as one of the Philippine cities on June 1, 1903 at Kafagway. Tourism is one of Baguio's main industries. During the yearend holidays some people from the lowlands would prefer spending their vacation in the city. This is for them to experience the cold temperature they rarely get from their home provinces. Also, during the summer season specially during the Holy Week, tourists from all over the country would flock to the city. During this time, the total number of people in the city would double. To accommodate all these people, there are more than 80 hotels and inns available for them to check in, vacation houses and for rent houses in Baguio City (visit ).Local festivities such as the Panagbenga Festival also attracts both local and foreign tourists. For travellers who want to have a look at some tourist spots in city, I havested below some places that you shouldn't miss when you're in Baguio City. Philippine Military Academy. Situated in the southern part of the city within Fort Del Pilar, Loakan, this military academy was created to train future officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Mansion House As an official residence of the President of the Philippines, entry to the compound is restricted. The public can view the Mansion through its gate which is patterned after that of London's Buckingham Palace. It is located in the eastern part of the city. The Mansion has also been the site of several international conferences and a working office of the President of the Philippines during his or her visits to the City. Camp John Hay This former American recreational facility was converted into as a world class resort. It features a golf course, a skating rink, picnic area, and a mini golf course at the Scout Hill area. Several cottages and hotels were also built to accommodate visitors. Teachers Camp A facility currently run by the Department of Education. It features several function halls, a museum, cottages, and a race track. Easter Weaving Room Located within the campus of Easter School, this location allows tourists to witness the process of cloth weaving as practiced by the natives of the mountain provinces for ages. Saint Louis Filigree Shop This is a handicraft shop specializing in silver jewelry and other filigree products. This shop is in the center of the city and was established in 1916. Wright Park It is sometimes mistakenly called Ride Park by some tourists that identify this pine tree park reserve for horse rides. A long stairway leads to the Pool of the Pines, a 100 meter long pool of waterned on both sides by the famous Baguio towering pine. Mines View Park Named for its view of Benguet's mountain ranges where gold, silver and other ores were once quarried. Baguio Sunshine Park The park features flowering garden and a covered stage with ethnic design, which is often used, for cultural presentation. The park itself is designed after a shield. Botanical Garden It is also called the Igorot village, which features native huts typical of the Cordillera architecture. The garden is also a site of cultural presentations and other tribal meetings. Burnham Park The oldest of all Baguio parks, it provides facilities for sporting activities such as biking, skating and basketball, as well as picnics and concerts. Baguio - Mountain Provinces Museum This museum is located within the Baguio Tourism Complex along Gov. Pack Road. It has on display a variety of artifacts and relics showcases the cultural heritage, customs and traditions of the cordillerans. SLU (Saint Louis University, Baguio City) Museum Located within the premise of the school, it showcases the different culture heritages of the Cordilleras. Artifacts and relics including an ancient coffin can be seen on display. Ifugao Woodcarvers Village Located along Asin Road, about 5 kilometers from the city, is an Ifugao wood carving village, which produces and sells hand-carved curio items. Asin Hot Springs These hot springs are located 16 kilometers northwest of Baguio. Several private resorts took advantage of the natural springs in the area and constructed swimming pools for all visitors, as well as cottages for lodging. Mt. Sto. Tomas and Mt. Kabuyao The highest peak is 7,500 feet high and commands a majestic view of the city. These mountains can be reached by foot or by vehicle. Lourdes Grotto This is a religious shrine housing the image of the Lady of Lourdes. About 252 steps lead to this shrine where pilgrims brave the steep climb to offer sacrifices, devotion and prayers. Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, better known as Baguio Cathedral One of the familiar landmarks in Baguio, the structure with its twin spires and one hundred steps sits on top of a hill in the heart of the city, offering church goers and visitors a chance to get a bird's eye view of the entire commercial hub. Bell Church This cluster of temples is located on the border of Baguio City and Trinidad Valley. It features oriental architecture, pagodas roof, ornate gateway, dragon ornaments and Buddha-guarded windows. The Bell Temple priest practices a mixture of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Christianity. Baguio Grand Mosque The biggest mosque in the city, located at Campo Filipino. It also houses an Islamic Studies madrasah. Visits or field trips by non-Muslims may be arranged. Baguio City Market Located within the central business district, this is where local products and goods from nearby towns and provinces are sold. It is also exciting and luring to have a tour at some of the strawberry farms of the city. For more information about Baguio City, visit

Women and lenses

Women who wear eye makeup must be careful about certain things. Here are few tips to make your eyes feel and look good without sticking the makeup in your lenses. Before you put contact lenses in your eyes make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly. This would help you avoid transfer any dirt and germs to the contact lens. You must wear your lenses before applying eye make up this helps avoiding the transfer of any creams, oils and lotions to the lens. Try using non-allergic makeup. There are several brands in market offering eye friendly products. It is better to use cream eye shadow than powder as former would not fall into eyes as compared to latter. However, even creams can be irritating if they make it to your eyes. It is better to make use of water based creams than oil based ones. But if you still have to use powder then close your eyes and brush the excess powder off before opening the eyes. This way you would be able to keep it out of your eyes & protect your lenses. Eye liner must be applied to exterior of eyes than interior while using contact lenses. Avoid mascara however if you wish to apply the same make sure you do it carefully over your eye lashes and not bump the brush in your contact lenses. For removing eye makeup wash your hands throughly and carefully remove the contact lenses without touching any makeup. Now use your eye makeup remover to get rid of it.